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I have a friend that says they are having a hard time having their MacBook connect to a MacServer.  I am going to try to help him, but what are some troubleshooting tips for finding out what the issues are when looking at from their MacBook?  They are on a hybrid network with both Windows and Macs.  I am assuming it is very simalar to Windows Server and there is a simalar "Active Directory"

Any advice would be helpful to help me.
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open directory is macs version of active directory. Make sure network connectivity is ok. And verify that they are using a valid usur account and password to connect.
Mark BullockQA Engineer IIICommented:
What is the goal? File sharing or ...?
What software are you using on the server?
What software are you using on the MacBook?
al4629740Author Commented:
File sharing.  I'm not aware of the other two as of yet
al4629740Author Commented:
Thank you  that's exactly what I was looking for.   Are permissions set in a similar way also?
The available share access is using samba (windows shares) presumably OS x is on the client.
No matter how diligently you prepare, to identify the issue youhave to be on scene and be able to get information from the user what it is they are trying to access and from where..........
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