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Admin roles in office 365 -

al4629740 asked
I would like to add a user that can add users/groups and change passwords.  However I don't want them to be able to see anything that says "Billing" on the Admin screen.  I know there user management role prevents them from viewing the actual billing, but I don't even want the work "Billing" to show up as an option for them on the main screen.  Is that possible?
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Distinguished Expert 2017
Why not open a support case directly on o365 and get an authoritative answer?
You can edit the user roles and choose which rights they have.
In your case, you probably only want this limited admin user.

Once you login, navigate to the user/active section pick the user to whom you want to delegate these rights and add them.

It might not be possible to eliminate the availability of a billing option, though the user might not be able to click on it.