Added a 2012 Server to the Domain and need to add the users to replicate their folders to it

I have a server 2008r2 domain server but migrating to a 2012- aleready made the 2012 a DC- now i need to migrate the user and profile folders to the new server before i decomission the old server-

can you advise on how to achieve this step ?

Thanks !!!
Carlos MarinManagerAsked:
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
If you are using roaming profiles, robocopy and then updating the roaming profile location on the AD properties is the easiest way to migrate those folders.
Also be sure to transfer all the fsmo roles to the new dc. Take a look at the link below.
Skyler KincaidNetwork/Systems EngineerCommented:
Here is the Robocopy command that I use to mirror two directories:

Robocopy \\SourceServer\Share \\DestinationServer\Share /MIR /FFT /Z /W:5 /log:C:\robocopylog.txt /tee /v

You can see what the specific commands do here:

You can also cheat depending on how the shares and the drive is setup and just export the share registry key, import it on the new server, demote the old DC and then create a DNS record for the old server name that points to your new server.

We have used that trick a few times and it works great!
Carlos MarinManagerAuthor Commented:
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