Configuration of multicast in between end router and switch

Dear Expert, I read a lot document on multicast. But they rarely talk about configuration between end router and switch connecting the end router. If this is a end router of multicast, we just use command ip igmp join-group 224.x.x.x. If we connect the port of switch and the port of the end router together with a cable, what command do we need to configure the two ports, the switch port and the end router port? It looks like default IGMP snooping can do that. So we do not need to configure it. Do you think so? Thank you
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Craig BeckCommented:
You don't need the ip igmp join-group command to enable multicast between the router and the switch.  In fact, you don't need it at all.  The join-group function adds the router to an IGMP group - it doesn't tell the router to forward the traffic for that group, although it does allow it.

Have a look at this doc from Cisco which explains configuring PIM and IGMP in its simplest forms...

The bookmark I included in that link is exactly what you need.
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