POLYCOM HDX6000 presentation issue

Hi All,

We have an interesting issue here that i hope someone can assist with.

We have 3 sites that use Video conferencing.  One site uses LifeSize Systems and the other 2 use Polycom, HDX6000 and HDX7000 models.
We can initiate a multipoint call from Lifesize and have the two Polycom devices successfully join.  If from the LifeSize end, we share a presentation, only the HDX7000 device can receive it.  The HDX6000 only shows a black screen.

If a presentation is shown from the HDX6000, all parties can see the presentation.  The same goes for the HDX7000.  Presentation is viewable at both ends.  Once the HDX6000 shows a presentation and is closed, the Lifesize unit can show their presentation and it is then viewable on both devices, even though previously, the HDX6000 could not see the initial presentation from the Lifesize.  

If the call is then disconnected and reconnected, the issues reappears where the HDX6000 cannot view the presentation.  We have also made the presentation viewable using the above steps and kept the call open for 30mins.  After this time period, we try to present something from the LifeSize but it is again not viewable to the HDX6000 but the HDX7000 can still view it.

I hope my description isnt too confusing.  If anyone has any tips or ideas, they will be greatly appreciated

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards,
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If your units sit behind a proxy or content filtering on a firewall you will want to add the local IP addresses of your VC units into an exclusion list so they do not get filtered.
Let me know if you need more in depth explanation
BCSITSAuthor Commented:
hi Stolsie, thanks for your reply.

Did you mean to apply the IP's to the proxy/content filtering devices on both sides or just one?  IYO,  If The HDX6000 can receive presentations from the HDX7000 without having to establish one first but not from the Lifesize, would the issue be with the Lifesize or the HDX6000?

NOTE:  The Lifesize does not have the same issue when sending presentations to the HDX7000.

Thanks for your time
I have a life-size unit and we called an external company (can't remember what they used)
We were sending audio and video but getting nothing back, regardless who called.
My firewall rule permitted every port from their unit to ours and vice versa still only one way coms sometimes a disconnection.
The only thing left was my SonicWALLs content filtering i added the IP address of my life-size unit into the address object i set up for content filtering exclusions and that done the trick.
I would say if both parties are sat behind a firewall and there is content filtering i would exclude the VC units from being scanned.

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BCSITSAuthor Commented:
thanks for the solution.
glad it helped :)
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