VRF config with singel router.

We have begun to configure vrf's in our 4507R+E router.
I´m pretty new with this vrf configs and i wonder how to set this up ?
See my toughts in drawing.
How do i set the following up so computer2 (VLAN47) can reach computer1 (VLAN217) in VRF ?

Is it possible to leak from one VRF to the default VLAN on the same 4507 router ?
Have tried static ip routing global command, but it complains that it's the same router.

Tips ? Config ? Thoughts ?
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The two vlans you mention can be part of the same VRF, is your intent to separate the two vlans with independent VRFs? why if you want to leak routes from one to another?

You could use a separate device to route between VRFs, this design provides you a way to implement a security policy via acl of firewall rules set to control what data passes.

What are you trying to do?

harbor235 ;}
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

For VRF basics, please refer to the below tutorial;

IntesyNordicAuthor Commented:
We set up a Linux server with firewall
IntesyNordicAuthor Commented:
We set up a Linux server with firewall
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