Creating a range reference in Excvel VBA from text in a spreadsheet cell.

I wish to convert the following spreadsheet formula to one calculated in VBA.


The problem I'm having is replicating the "Indirect(b2)" piece of the formula in VBA. I keep getting Error 1004. Does anyone have the right syntax for this? I've been searching a while but can't find anything that works.

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Let's assume for the sake of example, that the cell:


contains the text string:

="A1:A10" (six characters)

In VBA, you can return the range object (YourWSName!$A$1:$A$10) as follows:


So, for example:



You can therefore use:


in place of Indirect(B2).


Saurabh Singh TeotiaCommented:
You can also do this and it will give you the same result what you get in formula...

Dim i As Long

i = Application.Evaluate("=ROUND(SUMIFS(INDIRECT(B2),TM1_cats,A2,TM1_month,G2)*1000,0)")

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pfmurrayAuthor Commented:
Hi Alan, Saurabh.  Thanks for the suggestions but unfortunately neither work for me.

Alan - I just can't get the VBA to resolve this in a sumifs as there is a constant type mismatch. I should also have mentioned that I needed "B2" to be in the format in the VBA as cells(i,2) as the range name is in a list and I wanted the name to change after every iteration. This is my fault for not mentioning it

Saurabh - Yes, that should work however there seems to be a well documented issue that using some range names in an Evaluate needs Excel to write the data to a cell and call it back. It got too painful to think through!

I have decided to live with the speed issues as the Excel formulae work and since no-one else has responded I will award points equally. I'm still baffled as to why it's so hard to reference a cell's value as a VBA range name but I suppose that's my lack of understanding. Thanks for your efforts.
pfmurrayAuthor Commented:
Whilst both solutions may have worked with more effort and understanding the underlying issues weren't resolved and time was of the essence
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