Dry ice reusable ice pack to cool down a heated up Galaxy Note 2 while watching movie

When watching movies/videos, my Note 2 gets extremely hot:
concerned that it will break down.  I have a couple of Windows mobile phone
that broke down after they got overheated

Is there such thing as reusable ice-pack filled with dry ice?

If I use ice pack or dry ice to place it under the Note 2, will there be any harm to the Note 2
(such as water dew forming inside the phone & thus causing moisture damage to the phone)?

Any other way to cool down the heated up phone?  It's so hot that I can't hold it in my palm.
Fan is not good enough though for servers, I've seen fan built in but that's in air-con DC
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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Don't know about dry ice pack but you could use an ordinary ice pack.

I doubt you'd get condensation inside unless you got the temperature down really low.  After finishing with ice pack run it for about 10 minutes to make sure it gets hot all over.

You could look at something like this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005C31HC0/?&tag=ttr_laptop-cooler-20&ascsubtag=[site|ttr[cat|1073[art|NA[pid|56569[tid|NA[bbc|NA but you'd need an external USB power supply to keep the fan running and there may be some slight fan noise.  At best you'd expect about 10 degrees cooling with something like this.
Don't worry about it. They're made to handle the heat.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Q1: Is there such thing as reusable ice-pack filled with dry ice? No, it is dangerous to handle and highly acidic (how are you planning on refilling it? -56C Temperature

Q2: If I use ice pack or dry ice to place it under the Note 2, will there be any harm to the Note 2
(such as water dew forming inside the phone & thus causing moisture damage to the phone)?
The heat of the phone will evaporate any condensation.
Thomas RushCommented:
Re: Condensation: If you get some part of the phone colder than the dew point, it will get moisture condensing on it (that is the definition of dew point, after all).  Now, whether that will be on the inside or the outside of the unit, and whether that spot or spots will get enough condensation to damage the phone, I don't know.  Oh -- the dew point depends on how much moisture is in the air -- there is no universal dew point.  Moister air has a higher dew point than dryer air.

Re: Dry ice: Dry ice isn't all that dangerous; it is simply frozen (solid) carbon dioxide.  A neat property of frozen carbon dioxide is that at 'normal' pressures (i.e., what you're likely to find on Earth) it doesn't melt, but sublimates, going directly from solid to gas (thus "dry" ice).  The only danger in handling it is that it might freeze the moisture in your skin and do considerable damage since it's colder than water ice normally is.  So wear gloves, and don't handle it for long.

Since the big part of condensation problems are with new, moist air continually coming in and getting cold, you might try putting your device in a sealed plastic bag with the dry ice.  That would minimize the amount of new moisture that could come in.  It might also keep the dry ice solid longer (no certainty here, though).  

I would resist using water ice for cooling, because the presence of water is likely to lead to humid air, and thus more problems with condensation.

You could do what some of the geeks do, and cool your phone with pure mineral oil.  It's non-conductive and carries no moisture.  Just keep it circulating through the phone and a cooler, and you'd be in clover.   The only problem might be getting the oil out of the phone afterward.

But maybe it makes sense to have a higher-powered device that doesn't run into cooling problems driving your video.  Something like a media center PC?

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Don't seal dry ice into anything. Chemically it skips a liquid state so as it warms up it turns into gas with a much larger volume than the solid (if you want to see what happens if you try here's some kids thinking it'll be fun to try - if you want skip to the last 30 seconds and think "Should I make an ice pack out of this stuff?"

Direct contact will also freeze human tissue and from the perspective of your question move any electrical component below its specified tolerances.

From a movie viewing perspective it sounds like your phone can't handle transcoding the movie locally so maybe you need to find a way to stream it to your phone using a service that already reduces the file size to something your phone can process easily - like Netflix etc or from a home server using something like Plex or another media server which will do the job and get hot on behalf of your phone (and PC's are much easier to cool!)
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