resource manager - is this good / bad?

OptiPlex 3010 running win 7 pro with 4GB RAM.  The hard drive started to fail after 2 years.  I cloned it to a new drive, Both are 1TB with 950GB free (loads of extra disk space).

I hear the hard drive working as I type this and wondered.  I started Resource monitor.  Check the graphs. Is that normal?  Is there something going on?

What's the blue line that completely falls off in the middle of the graph?  And the green?  Shuold they be flat topped or is the scale of the graph just too low?
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
I looked the resource monitor on my machine for a while. Looks pretty similar to yours. But the drive spinning which you heard - it could be trying to access the bad data copied together from bad drive. So it is highly recommended that you run CHKDSK x:/f/r (where x is your drive letter) on all your partitions. The copy process could transfer the identifiers of bad sectors - and this check will clean them out.
After that it should work without problems.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Which graphs are you referring to? A screenshot maybe?
Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
Most likely you are seeing actual utilization, not space. So what you are seeing is reads / writes.
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BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
DOH!  Here's 2 screen shots now - 1 showing the throughput for the hard drives... and also crystaldriveinfo.  those items that show non-zero - this is a brand new drive from WD that I used to clone the win 7 install from the failing Seagate drive.  did some of the smart data come from the cloning process? (clonezilla failed the first clone and I ran it with the -rescue flag.  so it's working harder to get the data off the old drive and that tainted the new hard drive?

Conceivably, a file or files  were corrupt from the failing hard drive and the corruption got cloned onto the new drive? So that DLL / something else isn't readable even if it's a new perfectly fine hard drive?  That sector is OK, but the data was corrupt when it was installed?  but the machine IS working fine.  just a fair amount of thrashing?

But right now, it's very quiet : )
Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
Everything was cloned, the good and the bad. It will probably be a good idea to just start the new drive fresh, install windows and programs and copy data over, hopefully from a good backup.
the capture shows your disk activity - seems rather normal to me
best run chkdsk on the new drive; and if you see problems - run sfc
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