configure newsfeed on SharePoint 2013

Dear Expert,

I would like configure newsfeed on SharePoint 2013 since we already have myside. only I need configure/enable the newsfeed please advise how can I configure

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martushaProduct managerCommented:
To add the Newsfeed app or feature to your Team Site, you just need to Activate Site Feed  feature of your site.
tabreedAuthor Commented:
Thanks, please provide me in details
tabreedAuthor Commented:
I have enabled the site feed feature but no luck if I click on newsfeed icon in the top menu bar it is taking me to my site but I can’t see the newsfeed hub please advice
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martushaProduct managerCommented:
You need to edit page and insert Site Feed web part which is in Web Parts -> Social Collarobation category

Site Feed web part
tabreedAuthor Commented:
Thanks, i can able to see the newsfeed on the top menu bar but if click it doesn’t take me to newsfeed hub
martushaProduct managerCommented:
Oh, then in My sites it is no need to configure newsfeed, it should be there by default (then you created my sites web application by choosing My Site Host site template).

Could you press "newsfeed" link under your photo? Is it works?

Newsfeed on mysites
tabreedAuthor Commented:
i don’t have newsfeed icon under my photo, it is there on the top menu bar
martushaProduct managerCommented:
mmm, Also please check if newsfeed is enabled in CA. Go to CA -> SharePoint Service Applications -> User Profile Service Application -> Setup My Sites and In that settings page, scroll down and check if “Enable newsfeed on My Sites”  is checked. if no, check it ant press ok.

Also go to CA -> Monitoring -> Review Time Job Definitions and ensure that the “User Profile Service Application – Activity Feed” timer job is scheduled to run.
tabreedAuthor Commented:
i have checked newsfeed on my sites is checked already and activity feed timer job also running and scheduled

Please advicemysite1.jpguserprofile.jpg
martushaProduct managerCommented:
Please check the crawl rules as well to confirm that my sites are not excluded from search crawling.

Also check all your settings and UPS permissions according Microsoft recommendations: 

If everything is ok with settings, then check answer here:
tabreedAuthor Commented:
Dear Martusha,

After I change Personal Site Capabilities from 0 to 14 in the UPS (as per the above article)
Now I can see the newsfeed icon under my picture but if I click on it I am getting below mentioned error. Please advice

Something went wrong
Technical Details
SharePoint returned the following error: Unexpected response from the server. The content type of the response is Contact your system administrator for help in resolving this problem

martushaProduct managerCommented:
1) Make User Profile services is up and running, also permission are properly configured for everyone.
The issue could be in User Profile Service Application, could not been granted full control for the account that was running the service (i.e. service apps account).
2) Make sure Distributed Cache is also running.
3) for more clue check the ULS logs.
tabreedAuthor Commented:
i have issue in posting message it sowing errorWhile post the message I getting this error code 28 code 28, please advice
martushaProduct managerCommented:
Hi, Sorry I was out for some days.
Error code 28 means: MicroBlogList_Error_Updating_Item

Chuld you check quota for mysites, according to this solution
tabreedAuthor Commented:
The issue was managed path permission I have forgot to apath.pngdd path personal to wildcard inclusion
tabreedAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for tabreed's comment #a40759595
Assisted answer: 500 points for martusha's comment #a40747745

for the following reason:

The issue was managed path permission I have forgot to add path personal to wildcard inclusion
martushaProduct managerCommented:
Hope now everything work like a charm :)

PS: It was third section to check according this: 
Add a wildcard inclusion managed path to the Web application :)

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tabreedAuthor Commented:
Sorry may I missed, thank you so much
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