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interested in programs which will generate articles on any topic

GMartin asked
Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

             I am interested in any program or programs which will automatically generate an article on any topic.  The best one I have read about is Article Builder.   This program is a browser based program as opposed to a desktop program and seems fairly expensive.  With these points in mind, could someone recommend an alternative program which can be installed on the desktop and run locally as opposed to remotely?  Perhaps there is a program which can merge the two.  For instance,  there might be a program which can be installed locally but can go out on the internet and pull material to generate the article of interest.  Of course, I am speculating on that part of it.  

              Any shared thought or views regarding this personal quest will be greatly appreciated.  In the meantime, I look forward to hearing back from everybody.

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Corporate & Product Marketing Manager
Get Article (Lite or Pro) seem to be comparable to Article Builder - http://www.get-article.com/lite

Then you could switch around and incorporate them using Article Mixer - http://www.getarticlesdone.com/FREE-Article-Mixer.html

Spinner Chief also looks like a good alternative - http://www.spinnerchief.com/

Auto Content Writer also has positive reviews online - http://autocontentwriter.com/

Hope this helps!


Hello and Good Morning Everyone

             Thank you so much for your suggestions and especially the resourceful links.  Armed with your tips and recommended writing tools, I am confident I have enough to launch some ideas.

              Thanks again.