Odd Server 2012 Connectivity issue

I have a box running Server 2012 r2.

Box operates fine with one issue, sporadically (can be days/weeks between occurrences) it partially loses network connectivity.

By partial, here are the symptoms...

What you cannot do -
You cannot connect to server via Remote Desktop
No internet connectivity at the server
No network connectivity from server out through windows explorer

What you can do -
Can connect to the server through windows explorer and mapped drives

Issue is resolved with a reboot of server.

Tried looking in event logs, but not seeing any correlating errors.  And because it doesn't affect windows explorers ability to connect to the server, the only time it is noticed is if someone tries to connect through remote desktop.  The only potential clue are about an hours worth of NSSM informational entries in the application log within a days time of noticing the connectivity issue.  There are many different messages but seem to revolve around ISFhost services.  Not sure if related.

Any thoughts on how to better troubleshoot?
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Check task manager to see if there are any process that are not responding.  Check any services that are set to automatic that are not running.  Try restarting the workstation service when in this state to see if it corrects the issue without a restart.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
When connecting via RDP becomes a problem, have you tried connecting using the IP address rather than the host name?
Muhammad BurhanManager I.T.Commented:
If it is on DHCP then check Lease logs, its better to assign IP statically/reservation in DHCP.
just don't reboot the whole OS when you get stuck, try logging off, disbable/enable LAN adapter, restart Network related services even check wires physically. Its better to use NIC Teaming with two adapters and two wires.
clear event logs on every step while troubleshooting for better understanding of what you are doing otherwise it will keep bothering you..
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