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Free online scan of malware for Android & iPhone iOS

sunhux asked
The other day a colleague gave a link in whatsapp to click & which sort of auto-invite (via whatsapp) 20 other
people to go to the link.

Now I just wanted a free online AV / malware scanner to be run to check my Android & iOS (8.x) phones
to verify it's not infected.

Don't want to install AV in the phones (in case it interferes with phones' functioning) or there's advertisement
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is this for a corporate environment or just purely personal?

For Corporate I would look into some sort of MDM solution which will report on suspicious/malicious activities on mobile devices such as Airwatch.

For Personal I would highly highly advise the use of AVG which is free and adverts free! its also not resource hungry. Me and my family use this on our Android and iOS devices and its great.
KRUNAL TAILORFreelance Mobile Developer
Top Expert 2014
Hi sunhux,

I am not sure this is what you are looking?

Thanks & Regards,
Krunal T. Tailor
Just install anyway, any or more antivirus packages, do a full install, full scan, then uninstall. It's the best option, as online scanning won't do much.
Analyzing the original message is also an option, if it's one of the bigger companies with the usually mass join/social networking type of stuff, they won't risk their "good" name with malware.
If it's a REALLY shady URL, not tied with a big company behind it, you actually still don't have to be afraid if the link STAYED on the website, and never downloaded anything. Of course, if you have the time and resource, scanning won't hurt a bit.