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background slideshow autoplay

Hello Experts,

I am trying to figure out how to make this slideshow auto play. Please if you can help. the entire code including the JS file is provided in codrops.

I really like this slideshow yet i have no idea what to change in order to make autoplay. Thank you.
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Dejan Vasiljevic

Hi Rafael,

Just add interval like this

var auto = setInterval(1000); // 1000 ms = 1 sec

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Hi Dejan Vasiljevic

First, thank you. As I am not a JS pro can you tell me where in the script should i add it?
Well when You download source, there should be CSS/HTML/JS folders with file. Open .js file and at the beginning of the script you will find where the creator defined var(s) variables, and you should just add this code after them, where are variables defined. Probably creator defined toggle class so You can add it after toggle, or instead of it.
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I have the JS file opened yet I do not see any defined var(s) variables at the beginning not toggle?
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Hi Rob Jurd .... Thank you.

It took me some time to understand what you meant.... a wise quick solution I would say :-))

I am guessing there is no other "elegant" solution yet if this works I am happy.

Thank you again.
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A quick, yet wise solution :-) Thank you Rob Jurd
No problem... The reasons it's not "elegant" is this isn't a plugin that you has configurable options.  More like code someone has posted.  You could modify the object as there is an internal  _navigate() function but currently that isn't accessible from the outside ;)