Passing Form as Openarg

Runnung MS Access 2013, Windows 7.

I want to pass a form name as an openarg when opening a pop-up form, then access the recordsetclone of the passed form.
In the main form I call the pop-up as follows:
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmClientSearchResults", , , , , acDialog, Me.Name 'open the pop-up form

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In the pop-up form one of the routines tries to do the following, but I'm getting a compile error "invalid use of property" on the second line (CallingForm = Me.OpenArgs)
Dim CallingForm As Form
CallingForm = Me.OpenArgs
With CallingForm.RecordsetClone
    .FindFirst "[client_id]=" & Me.client_id
    If .NoMatch Then
        MsgBox "Client not Found"
        CallingForm.Section(0).Visible = True
        CallingForm.Bookmark = .Bookmark
    End If
End With

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Can anyone help please?
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Set CallingForm = Forms(Me.OpenArgs)
redpoppyAuthor Commented:
Wow, that's the fastest response I've ever had and it sorted my problem Thanks for such a quick answer, much appreciated
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