Clone one notebook to another

Is it possible to clone from an outdated notebook to a more advanced notebook. i know i can ghost the drive but i am afraid i might get blue screen on boot.
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Use Acronis software with the Universal Restore option, it will work right out of the box if the IDE/SATA controller is mainstream, and if it's not, provide the drivers before restoring on USB).
If the OS is too old (pre Win7), I'd say, nice try but you're better off with a fresh install, which will already run faster. That's besides other issues like drivers etc.
If you still insists on moving ahead with the migrations, please note that WinXP can't be activated anymore, calling MS won't help you either. Vista can still be activated (even if you cheat with the OEM license, which you shouldn't activate on new hardware, but the MS database has "forgotten" about it, so it will actually still activate if the original activation was sufficiently long ago, at least a few years).
>>  but i am afraid i might get blue screen on boot.

Which is a likely scenario to occur.

You can try but be prepared for the blue screen to occur.  You may hit driver problems and you'll have to be prepared to have the drivers ready or access to them.  You may also hit Windows licensing problems but that depends on the license on it and whether you are cloning to the same OEM machine.
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Unless the hardware is basically the same, you're better off doing a fresh install of Windows.
Paragon's Imaging tools has an Adaptive restore option which you can use to restore to dissimilar hardware.

But as has been mentioned, If it is an OEM windows version (which is usually the case), it won't work on the new PC because of licensing/activation issues.
>>  please note that WinXP can't be activated anymore

Can you give a reference for that?
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