Platform or Service to Create an Online Shopping site

I have a custom web app that is not shopping related.   I would like to integrate a shopping experience into this site with minimal development and ongoing support.  My ideal would be to simply build an iframe page to an existing shopping comparison site like Google shopping, Pricegrabber, Shopzilla, etc, but it appears that they do not accept input parameters, so I have no manner to track my users by my internal group which is a requirement of this project.  In case I am wrong are there any such sites/platforms that I simply use an iframe that will accept an input parameter which can be used to track the user?

I realize there are sites with services API's from which  I could build my own shopping search page, but I'd prefer not to do this as the shopping site is not core to the project.

Are there ecommerce sites (cloud hosted preferred) that I could launch with essentially an entire shopping catalog?  The ecommerce site seems to be focused on selling one's own products, whereas, i my case I am looking for a site to simply display affiliate deals or another provider's catalog?

 Any suggestions are very much appreciated.
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Codrut TambuSr. Software Developer EngineerCommented:
You could use wordpress+woocommerce and install it in a subfolder of your existing app. like /catalog or anything.

After that configure woocomerce as main pae of the wordpress CMS and you can make simple shop on your own server and also have total control of it. (extend, change, track)
Also if you'd like to have it somewehere else, you cold use a cloud hosting and host this kind of solution.
jlexerAuthor Commented:
At your suggestion, I looked at Woocommerce and it appears to be a standard shopping cart system.  This is not what we are looking to implement.  I am not looking for something that requires our site to manage a cart, ordering, inventory management, or payments.  For this solution those functions should all be handled by the merchant site(s).  Instead, this business need is to only be the launching page for a shopping search.  An iframe would work if we could somehow find a manner to track the user's activity, but i don't know if that is possible?

Some suggestions

Or maybe you just need a bridge, I'm not sure to understand your needs.
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jlexerAuthor Commented:
Lenamtl, What do you mean by a "Bridge"?

Since the suggested offerings appear to all be shopping cart applications, I must be doing a poor job of explaining the business need.  I'll try again...

I do not have any products of my own to sell.  In the scope of affiliate marketing, I am a publisher and would like to earn affiliate revenue by providing links to other merchants.  That said, the model that we are looking to implement is not to embed specific affiliate advertising links into my existing site.  Instead, we wish to implement a shopping search / shopping comparison site as a page within our application.  I know this is done today for sites like Yahoo Shopping, Google Shopping, Bizrate, PriceGrabber, Nextag,, etc.  While some of these maintain their own catalogs (like Google Shopping) others are just a platform to API data from other catalog providers.  

The goal is to deploy something like one of the above examples without having having to build the search ourselves.  I'm hoping there is a product already on the market (open source or proprietary) that serves this purpose.
A bridge is a kind of plugin that allow your code to connect with other third party code.

I don't think what you are looking for, exist as open source script.

I have found this one which may do the job but it is a premium script.

other suggestions:

Or  you will have to hire someone to code it...

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jlexerAuthor Commented:
lenamtl, thank you.  I have not confirmed the quality of these offerings, but they are just the types of solutions that I am looking for.  If you don't mind a follow up question, what where the keywords that you used to search for these offerings?  I was searching for over two days and did not find any of these sites.
Hi no problem, try a combination of these:

Price comparison script
Affiliate feed price comparison script
pricegrabber alternative

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