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SSD recognised in BIOS but not OS (Win8.1) Data Recovery

SSD recognised in BIOS but not in Window 8.1 and I need to recover data from it.

I usually use windows based recovery applications to recover data via an external drive caddy but, windows recognises the drive initially but then displays a USB device not recognised and the drive is no longer visible.

If I plug it into a SATA port and boot up loading the BIOS, it can see it but the Windows OS when it loads doesn't.

How do I get my data?

The disk was a system drive.
It's an SanDisk Ultra 120GB.
Old but not over used.
About 10GB of data needs to be recovered.
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Is it visible in Windows Disk Management? It could be simply a missing drive letter.
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No unfortunately windows can't see it from disk management either.
Was this once behind a RAID controller?  If so most likely there is metadata at physical block 0, instead of the partition table.  If that is the case, youi'll need to buy some software or be good with LINUX and image the disk to a scratch drive with an offset.
Yes, an interesting point. What was on this drive before?
The disk was a system drive.
It's an SanDisk Ultra 120GB.
Old but not over used.
About 10GB of data needs to be recovered.  (Image that failed to backup)

I think it was on a RAID controller at one time but not at the time of failure when it was a solitary SSD system drive with old school HDD data drives and no other SSDs on the machine.
To use any recovery software you need the drive to show itself in Windows or in any other system.
As you said - it does not show up anywhere in Windows. Then it is time to try with Linux CD. Boot the PC from PartedMagic or Knoppix with this SSD connected internally. Then try to check if the drive is detected and visible.
As I mentioned earlier, no software will work, whether Linux based or Windows based. The only chance is a professional recovery agency.
I'm currently trying a FreeDOS based recovery tool.  Will update you upon success or failure of this process.
Disk has been sent back to manufacturer for recovery of the drive but not the data.

I'll report on the outcome.
i don't understand -you ask here for the data, that you need; and return the drive without having the data??
I've been trying to recover the data for some time using various tools that could see the drive but that could not recover the partitions or successfully complete any scans.  As I wasn't able to recover the data or the drive I've returned the drive to the manufacturer in an attempt to recover the device at least.

Hope that clear things up :-)
You mean a warranty replacement?
Yes... a warranty repair/replacement.  If they can repair it they will, and then return it.  Otherwise they will replace it.
Once they finish I can and will close this question awarding points appropriately.
tx for the update ag1iffit