Table Sort function not working when table created in BehindFile

I am running a JavaScript table Sort function Within the header of my main ASP file:

<script src="sorttable.js"></script>

I am creating the table using my ASP BehindFile (via an AJAX call):

Response.Write("<table class=" & chr(34) & "sortable" & chr(34) & "border=" & chr(34) & "5" & chr(34) & ">")
Misc table data....

The table comes out ok but the sort function is not enabled. The function worked when I was creating the table from my main ASP file, but when I moved it to the ASP BehindFile it stopped working.

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Rainer JeschorCommented:
perhaps the script (client side JavaScript) is running to early - hence the table does not yet exist in the dom.
Could you perhaps post either a link or the resulting HTML of your page?
tr57285Author Commented:
I am currently updating the page to from classic asp once completed I will circle back around with this issue to completion.

tr57285Author Commented:
Needed to add runat=server and needed to enclose the js file path in <%ResolveUrl=%> brackets.
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