Domain administrator service accounts limit access to a particular server/s

We need to adjust these to adjust our service accounts and would like them to be restricted to a particular server and restrict their logon or access.  Any suggestions on how to manage this through Active Directory at an enterprise level? We want to lock down the accounts to specific servers but we can't use local admins for these particular group of accounts.

For the time being I was thinking about using AD to "logon on to" and enter the server names to limit the access but I was didn't know if there was any better approach to the solution. Any suggestion or any other ways to configure? Caveats?
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
For the time being I was thinking about using AD to "logon on to"

Logon Hours paired with Logon To... and a Fine Grained Password Policy for Service accounts would be the ultimate way to lock these accounts down.

If you have service accounts running on servers at a specific time set the logon hours between these times. That way if the password were ever to get compromised they would only be able to logon to the server you specify and also during the hours you allow.

I say create a FGPP because you can the apply these password policies to services accounts which are much more strict, i.e. 14 character minimum etc.

This is exactly how i would approach this situation.

Tell me, why did you choose a domain admin for running a service? Surely, local admins cannot be used when it comes to networking, but we can use the "real" service accounts, why would it have to have domain admin rights?
Security-wise, this is a no-go and limiting that account is the wrong approach.
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