macbook pro battery and general settings issue


I have a MacBook Pro mid 2012, I got it with a dead battery, recently, I got a new battery and a new SSD, I tried to install everything, I did, the battery says, I have 43% all the times and it says Replace Now, Cycle count is 0, I tried SMC reset, PRM NVRAM etc... nothing worked out unfortunately, I'm completely lost i spent 10 hours trying to find a solution but nothing

In addition to that, the keyboard is doing crazy stuff by itself, for example it opens the Launchpad and I had to press "Esc" or show me a prompt message to ask if I want to shutdown/reboot/sleep the computer and finally, it shutdown itself without giving me the chance to not shut it down.

I really need your help
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Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
Looks like you need a new battery for starters. I wish there were 3rd party options for your computer but there aren't. You'll have to take it into Apple and have them replace it for you for $130.

The other question is much harder to answer. I suspect your computer may be overheating and causing strange behavior, or related to that, the logic board might be going out.

Taking it into an authorized repair center is  your best bet.

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I think you just need to reset the System Management Controller:
If that doesn't solve the problem, recalibrate the battery:
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Finally, reset the PRAM by cold booting while holding down the command-option-p-r key combination until you hear the startup chime a third time.

Let us know once you have performed these three steps.
Just FYI.  That page has no date or time stamp, making it difficult to ascertain how relevant it is to current Macs.

It's also a duplicate of Apple's support page and basically plagiarizes it without adding additional details.  Some other pages actually add pictures and additional details.  Apple dates their information so that you can determine how current the instructions are.  As of today, the instructions were last modified on May 8, 2014.

Here's a page, with a date stamp of 20th August, 2014, that adds some additional information:
adra750Author Commented:
@strung when i try to hold on cmd+option+p+r it takes me to disk utility and recovery

The recovery partition should be just command-r.  Cmd-option-p-r should reset the PRAM.

Try using the other option key in case one is not working.

Here are the instructions for Yosemite, but they are the same for older operating systems:
adra750Author Commented:
I left it plugged in all night, it says 46%, before that the battery says 43% but it is still saying: Replace now

Cmd-option-p-r always take me to recovery
Did you try the other steps ( resetting the SMC , etc) as well?

Are you sure you are holding down the option (alt) key and not the control key?
Did you reset the SMC?
Did you recalibrate the battery?
Those two things are more likely to fix your problem than resetting the pram.
When you plug in your charger does the LED light on your MagSafe connector?
David AndersTechnician Commented:
The symptoms may be related to a liquid spill. Hard to diagnose, and difficult to repair.
adra750Author Commented:
I don't know because I got it in a deal in ebay

I tried the SMC reset via Shift+Ctrl+Option and Power button

then I noticed the magSafe went from Orange to Green then from Green to Orange, it is now Orange.

If the battery is not charging as stated by the system then how can the percentage changed from 43% to 46% this morning? Shouldn't the battery drain power since it is not charging from its initial test charge by the company who shipped it to me?

I believe they charged it to 43%.

I left it tonight plugged in, it is still in 46% and it is still plugged in.

The keyboard crazy things disapeared but the volume time to time goes up and down by itself
adra750Author Commented:
The previous battery that came with this mac shows 100% and Replace Now message, cycle count something around 750

When I replaced it battery shows 46% Replace Now with cycle count of 0
I would send it back if it is not too late.
adra750Author Commented:
I shutdown the laptop and ordered a new battery, I had enough of headache
Let's hope it is the battery and not the laptop.
adra750Author Commented:
you are right that's what concerns me alot
adra750Author Commented:
all answers are accepted since none helped me out, but I will update you once I replace the battery with another one

thanks anyway
adra750Author Commented:
can this be MAGSAFE Dc-in Power jack board cable?

but this is the case, the laptop wouldn't turn on at all, right?
adra750Author Commented:
a quick update: i replaced the battery with a new one and it's charging now....
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