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USB video on Suse 13.2

How do I set up an all in one HP computer so I can have two monitors.  The computer has a monitor built in of course but has no vga port where I can connect a second monitor.  What do I need to do to get video to appear using a USB to VGA converter?  I need some detailed information as to how to accomplish this.
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For just an additional monitor, you can use USB 2 VGA converter but for adding multiple displays you need to have a USB 2 VGA hub.
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Make sure the USB Video card is compatible with Linux before buying it. If it is, it should work just like any normal video card under Linux, it should get recognized by the kernel and you should be able to configure it via Yast or xrandr.
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I simply need the monitor on the all in one and one other.  I would like to use a usb to vga converter but am not sure of the setup.  Does i require drivers or are they detected by the OS (Suse 13.2) or do I need to do some configurations.
It depends on the adapter you buy. As I mentioned, if it is Linux compatible, it should work. Usually you don't need drivers, they are already included with your OS's kernel modules, and should work automatically. On OpenSUSE you configure settings via YAST, where you tell the system what to do with the new hardware, and how you want the displays setup (clone, left, right, top, bottom, orientation, resolution etc). It is all menu driven and usually easy to grasp and setup.
I noticed in your first post you were talking about a network card as opposed to a usb to vga adapter.  Can I expect to set them up the same and have them react the same when I plug them in.  Also do you know of a Linux compatible usb to vga adapter?  Thanks.
I didn't mention anything about a network card, but rather a USB video card.
Sorry, my error.  I meant to say audio card.  Replacing my above question with USB audio card instead of network card, do you have an observation?  Thanks
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Can you recommend a usb to vga converter?
No. Personally I don't use them, they are way too expensive for my budget.
Pretty basic info.  I appreciate the response.