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JSON Keys to be converted to lowercase programmatically.

In the following angularjs code, $scope.productsNew contains json array whose keys are not in lowercase, they are like  Id, Sku, Description I need them to be like id, sku,description

I need to change them to lowercase in angularjs, could you help me in this.

function storeController($scope,$http) {

    function onUserComplete(response) {        
        $scope.productsNew = [{ Id: 3, Sku: 'APL', Name: 'Apple', Description: 'Eat one every day to keep the doctor away!', Price: 20 }, 
              { Id: 4, Sku: 'BAN', Name: 'Banana', Description: 'These are rich in Potassium and easy to peel.', Price: 40 }];
    function onError(reason) {
        $scope.error = "Could not fetch the Products";

    .then(onUserComplete, onError);


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I would guess, they are that way for a good reason. Using your own modified keys may later collide when your objects may contain both keys in different cases.

Otherwise, I'm using in such cases.
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If you can provide  example that fits good in my scenario
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Adding underscore.js will put extra burden on site as I am using angularjs

dont' you think!
Especially since map and reduce already exist in JavaScript
Well, it's the concept, isn't it? Not the tool, which matters. As I said I'm using _,cause I'm used to it.
Thank  you.