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data disposal hardware types

pma111 asked
WE are looking to review our hardware disposal policies to ensure any device that may or may not have stored sensitive or corporate data on it is adequately sanitised to reduce the likelehood the data could be compromised. Aside from end user devices, i.e. desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, type assets, what other types of hardware need to be included in such a policy. I was thinking along the lines of backup media, and anything else?
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Thumb/USB drives
Writable CD-ROM/DVD
USB attached Hard Drives
tape (real or virtual)
Any "appliance" that some type of "static" storage: firewalls, routers, managed switches, security servers (like Cisco ACS's)
hmmmm... usb sticks, and 'flush' the logs and memory buffers on printer/all-n-ones/copiers, etc.

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I'd like to introduce the idea to encrypt anything. That makes sanitizing so much easier, no matter what media the data is on.

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