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Temp Uploading in ASP

Hi all, I want to upload an XML file so I can pull the data out of it. There is no need for it to be saved, etc. Just needs to be read.

This is new to me, so any help is appreciated

so far:

<input type=file name=xmlfile value=Browse accept=".xml">&nbsp;<input type=submit name=AddXML value="Import XML">

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after this I am VERY lost of what to do...

Cheers in advance!
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Big Monty
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you'll need to start off with the upload component, there's ASP Uploader, which is free, or AspUpload, which is feature rich and easy to use, but costs money.

Decide which one is best for you and then we can go from there.
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Considering I have no idea what I am looking apart from I want to upload a single file and then read its information, which would be best that can be suggested?
Are you on a shared web server?  If you are, there is a good chance an asp component is already installed on your server.  Can you verify if you are on a shared web service and what asp components are installed?  Or are you on a dedicated or vps where you have to install these things on your own?

I have aspupload installed on my dedicated server. It costs money but it is well documented and easy enough to use, plus I have used it for probably 15 years.

There are other options, but first, let us know what you have available.
I have my own Win2003SBS Server with ASP Classic installed on IIS6

I had a deeper look into AspUpload and by the look of it, the Simple Uploads look the best, and is FREE? I have downloaded the code (well it seems i have)
It's free to try and $200 to buy.

But you have to register the dll.  If I remember correctly, there is an exe file you run on your server to install.
currently this site is just a hobby, dont really wanna pay $200 for it, looking for a free one
looks like the "free" example I gave you actually requires a license as well:

I agree with Scott AspUpload is the way to go, it costs money yes but it's extremely stable, well supported, and in the end, worth the $$ to have a product that works
Is the trail day based or upload based?
i don't understand your question, what do you mean by "trail"?
its a 30 day free trial..
I think it lasts for one month.

Microsoft has an option to build your own.  It details how to build your own dll and use it.  If it takes you longer than 2hrs to do this, that's when  just paying for something that works makes sense.

There are also others asking question on how to use and I think that is free.
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