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Redirect Http microsites to different server

We have a website hosted on thirdparty  hosting provider. We are planning to bring the site to inhouse but leave the admin page there for references.

website http://abc.com we want to bring in house.
website http://abc.com/admin has to be with hosting provider.

How can we achieve this?
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What is you webserver? If is Apache, you can do what you want with "redirect" directive, something like this:

Redirect /admin http://adminabc.hostprovider.com

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Errata: Which webserver do you have (or intend to have) in house? instead of "What is you webserver?"

It doesn't sound very logical to me. The admin page probably has influence on the main page (otherwise, why is it even there)?
It probably also means it depends on a database. Not only that, you keep the same name, and for that to work, forwarding will probably not work (even if it does, after the forward, the page will show errors, connecting to database and resources and what not).
If you want http://abc.com/admin to keep working, abc.com still has to be at the hosting company. As long as that's true, you can't host abc.com yourself.
The only way it will work is if abc.com/admin has nothing to do with the main page, NOTHING at all.
Even then you have to forward the main abc.com page to ANOTHER page or domain (the one you host yourself). And it can't be abc.com. Only then can you implement a solution.
Even it is not logical, if this is a must, it can be possible by the technical point of view. You can acces the database over the Internet you can syncronize it, dupicated it, make a cluster, etc.

But if it is not a must, to avoid consistency and security issues, it is better to keep frontend an backend in the same place, as Kimputer just explained!