Yosemite: File Sharing via SMB 3 very slow

Hi Everybody

We are running a Mac OS X Server 10.10.3 as a File Server for Mac and Windows clients. We have massive speed problems when we are saving to the Shares.

I'll try to explain briefly how the network looks:

Server: Mac Pro (2009), 2 x 2.26 Quad-core Intel Xeon, 16 RAM 1066 DDR3 ECC
We have 4 SATA disks in the Server with 2.2 TB space... this four disk together forms a logical volume (RAID 5) space 5.75 TB

We have a one GB link to the switch .. Most of your clients are connected to the same switch (also a one GB link) HP V1910-48G (for some clients we are using an netgear switch which is connected to the HP switch)

I updated all clients to Yosemite so that I can use SMB 3 to improve the performance .... no luck

We have about 12 macs, 3 windows 7 computers and 1 windows 8.1 computer.

Some users are using the same account to connect to the Server (once from the Windows clients and once from the Mac clients)

All clients are connected via SMB:

on Macintosh: smb://server.local;username@
on Windows: \\\WORK

on Macintosh: we are connecting all shares separately like on windows

We have 7 different Shares (six of them are located on the internal RAID 5 volume, 1 share is located on an external storage system (archive)

In the past, we were able to work without problems on the shares, but since few months we have massive problems. (I would say since we have the windows clients in our Network, but this is just a guess)

Your core business is to deal the big data. We are using different Abode and Maxon programs (e.g. Photoshop or Cinema 4D) all in the newest Versions

In the past when we tried to save a 300 MB file to the share we had to wait about 5 to 10 sec.

Now we have to wait about 3 to 5 min. When we open a Cinema 4D file which is about 2 GB large then we can go and get a coffee and come back .... ;) the program is still loading the file..

Your workaround for the moment: We eject the share and integrate it again.. It works for one hour then the same issue appears again (We have this issue on all of computers at the moment... sometimes a bit more sometimes a bit less)

thank you very much for your help :)
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As an experiment, try connecting one Mac directly to the server, bypassing the switch to see what happens. A bad cable or a faulty switch is a real possibility.

Are all your cables CAT5e or CAT6? CAT5 cables will cause a problem.
Also, check the console logs on both the server and the client for error messages when transferring files.
This is a long shot, but have you added any cable runs recently? If so, did you use cables with the ends factory wired, or did someone wire the ends for you?

Miswired cables will still work, but very slowly.

See:  http://www.incentre.net/tech-support/other-support/ethernet-cable-color-coding-diagram/

Also, it is important that the cables not be kinked:

SGTA14Author Commented:
Thanks for your Input. We tried your Solutions but no luck.

What we done to solve the Problem.
We changed the Hardware (the Mac Server) with a Qnap NAS.
Everything is working fine now.

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SGTA14Author Commented:
solved the Problem
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