Scripts to create multiple Document Libraries in SharePoint Online.

Anyone got a good techniques tools to create multiple document libararies quickly in SharePoint Online ? I have about 50 I need to bulk create in one site. Powershell ? If so has anyone any tried and trusted scripts ?
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
I just can recommend using this custom module:

This should enable you to create the 50 libraries very quickly.

Unfortunately MS has not yet offered a fully flexible Powershell module for SharePoint Online.


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Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:

My tried and true Powershell is included below, you need to provide a CSV with the library names and URLs.

This is for on-premises, as RainerJ points out you need special ways of working to run such Powershell against SP Online. Looking at the tool he suggests this Powershell might not need too many modifications.

If the tool doesn't work out, Chris O'Brien points out how to run powershell against SP Online is a slightly different way also using CSOM;

function Create-SPLists {

$libraryobjects = Import-CSV C:\Libs.CSV -Header Name,URL

ForEach ( $libraryobject in $libraryobjects ) {

New-SPList -Web http://MySite/MyWeb -ListTitle $libraryobject.Name -ListUrl $libraryobject.URL -Description "My Library" -Template "Document Library"



function New-SPList {
Start-SPAssignment -Global
$SPWeb = Get-SPWeb -Identity $Web
$listTemplate = $SPWeb.ListTemplates[$Template]
$list = $SPWeb.Lists[$ListUrl]
$list.Title = $ListTitle
$list.EnableVersioning = $true
$list.EnableMinorVersions = $true
 $list.MajorVersionLimit = 2
 $list.MajorWithMinorVersionsLimit = 5
$list.OnQuickLaunch = $true
$list.EmailAlias = "string_value" #should be the email first part only, e.g. "test" in ""
$list.RootFolder.Properties.Add("vti_emailoverwrite", 1) #1 = true, 0 = false
$list.RootFolder.Properties.Add("vti_emailsaveoriginal", 1) #1 = true, 0 = false
$list.RootFolder.Properties.Add("vti_emailattachmentfolders", "root") #valid values are "root", "sender", and "subject"
$list.RootFolder.Properties.Add("vti_emailusesecurity", 0) #1 = true - Use Document Library Permissions, 0 = false - Allow All/Anonymous
Stop-SPAssignment -Global


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