Windows hangs when loading

I have a user that machine takes forever to get tot he logon screen when starting up Windows. It ALSO does the same thing when it locks after non use for a while. takes about 5 minutes to get to the logon screen again. this is starting to become a real problem. Ideas how to fix it?
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Run Hard Drive diagnostics from the manufactures website or use UBCD Hard Drive diagnostics.

Report back with results as a failing Hard Drive may be the issue.

If the Drive passes then run Chkdsk
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try logging on with a different Windows User Account on the problem computer. Make a test account if need be.

If the test account logs in OK and the problem account does not, then it is a problem with the problem user's windows profile. The solution to the latter is to re-create the profile.
Domain machine or standalone?

If domain machine check and see how much stuff is on the user's desktop.  If the desktop is cluttered and crowded get the user to remove the stuff from the desktop and file it not on the desktop.
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