Programmatically send text messages

I want to send out text messages programatically either in  C# server side code, or javascript client side code. I might send 150,000 messages per day.
1) If I set up my own sms (text messaging) server such as openfire, will I still have to pay someone in order to send text messages out to the public?
2) Does the recipient pay when they receive the message unless they have an unlimited text plan with their carrier?
3) Is the phone number the only thing that is needed to send a text to it? Does it automatically translate the carrier based on the number?

Hopefully an easy 500 points. Thanks.
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1) Openfire is NOT an SMS server.  Openfire uses XMPP and does not send messages to mobile phones using SMS.  If you wish to send text messages through a mobile phone network, you will have to utilize a third-party service for this and most likely will have to pay a fee.

2) The receipt may or may not have to pay a fee, depending on their service agreement with their phone provider.  This is between them and their service provider.

3) The phone number is all that is needed to properly direct an SMS text message.
Wildfire SMS Gateway is a free package that can be used with Openfire to send SMS text messages through the AnySMS gateway.  Even though the code is free, the AnySMS gateway may charge you per message sent.
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