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I need to have users access Word templates at the same time.  Currently, the templates are in a shared folder on an exchange server.  What is happening is when a users opens the template, saves it under a different name, the file is sometimes locked and another cannot access it. I understand that having multiple users opening the same file is something word does not like, but why when a user opens the template, renames it as a file, and the closes the template does it not allow access for the next person?  We have given full access right to one person while the other users have read only access.   Saving to one drive is not an option, nor is tracking.
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Why are your users copying the templates? There shouldn't be any need. Just use them to create a new document via File/New.
TWM_TECHSAuthor Commented:
Let me clarify.  Even when the users create a document, the original template sometimes does not open or opens as read only even though it has been closed.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
unless the users are actually OPENING the TEMPLATE file, then it should not be locked.

If a user selects File tab ―> New, then the .dotx/.dotm templates are displayed. The user then clicks on an available template and a new document (i.e. Document1.docx, Document2.docx, Document3.docx... etc.) should open
Let's GoCommented:
Are your users opening a standard Word file (.doc/.docx/.docm) for use as a boilerplate document to create a new file?  That can sometimes lock the file until the original user closes Word.

It would be better to use Word's Template format (.dot/.dotx/.dotm) as described by the experts above.
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