Getting WSUS updates to a server that was moved from another domain

Was wondering if there are any register (or any other configuration changes) when moving a member server from one domain to another and then receive WSUS updates on the new domain.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
the domain WSUS group policy should handle this.
MelBdnAuthor Commented:
I got the problem resolved.  I actually configured the local group policies on the 2 servers I want the WSUS server to see. I opened Group Policy Management and then selected Local Computer Policy\ComputerConfiguration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update and modified the 3 objects:

 - Automatic Updates - Enable
 - Specify Intranet Microsoft UpdateServiceLocation - Enable and put UNC path of WSUS server

 - Enable client side targeting - Enable and put computers in a group (unassigned is default)

Sorry I did not provide additional information to you; your answer is a solution also.
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