Picking a chase or paypal processor for ASP.NET websites

I need some help with processing payments on ASP.NET websites. Currently I handle figuring out the processing of the items or services purchased, submit the price to PayPal via Spice Logic, and use an IPN handler to edit values in my database, and send confirmation to the customer. This way processes pretty slow and I get a lot of double clicks. Also the IPN listener on PayPal doesn't always work.

What are some solutions you can recommend that allow me to just submit a price to either PayPal or Chase bank that can send a value back to my website either via listener or to another page or let me just edit a value on my table on their end? I would prefer something with not so complicated integration.
Mike MillerSoftware EngineerAsked:
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Why not integrate PayPal with your web site and let it do all the heavy lifting?

If you don't like that idea, Nopcommerce is one of many credit card processing modules.

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A few things happening - I don't know if you are using PayPal because you are just starting out and if you are using them as a third party processor.  

But what value are you wanting back from Chase or PayPal?  For example, if I buy something that is $20.00 when I hit submit, my card should be charged $20.00.  You need to figure out shipping / handling before submitting it.

Or if you are wanting to charge a surcharge, which is OK but not in 10 states for Visa.
•New York

Assuming in the United States, debit / pre-paid cards cannot be surcharged.  You also need to let Visa and your acquiring bank know.  Plus the surcharge cannot be more than you are charged.  This is why you still see some small businesses giving a still cash discount, it was away around the rules before January 2013

Normally, the merchant has a website that uses an electronic payment gateway (Authorize.net, Quantum,  First Data Global Gateway / LinkPoint (whatever they are rebranding themselves)).  Some electronic payment gateways charge a monthly fee for their service, others do not. Some electronic payment gateways might give the merchant some free transactions, while some charge for each one, while others do not charge a fee.  Keep in mind this transaction fee (if any) is on top of what the merchant account provider is charging you.  If you are lucky, your electronic payment gateway might have scrub the transaction to help reduce fraud / chargebacks.  Some charge for this service, others do not.

If the scrubbing passes, then it goes to a Transaction Provider then on to Visanet, etc for authorization or a decline.  So then it comes back thru that route to your website, telling the consumer the issuing bank authorized $20.00 for the sale.  

Now I know there are some that do an authorization of $1.00 to see if the credit card is good for recurring billing but that is a waste of the merchant's money.  It costs you the transaction rate because you used the services.  And the electronic payment gateway can store the credit card number for you, as the merchant, then you tell the credit card how much to charge at that time of billing.  If it is declined, your database is updated, and an email is automatically sent out to the customer.  Sure, you can still do a pre-auth of $1.00 - and the customer does not have access to that $1.00 for usually 3-5 business days, depending on the transaction.

If it is the transaction number,  etc - you might consider your server.  Is your server able to handle all those transactions?  You might consider upgrading or load balancing.  Test your server to see if it can handle your traffic.
Mike MillerSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the info. Not really an answer, but insightful nonetheless.

At the end of the day, the cost to operate is not a concern. Most of my scenarios are fairly simple. I'm either using a cart that I built that sends a total to the processor, or its a service with a set total. Either way, the logic I'm using to submit to the processor is the same. I just feel like what I've been using with regards to PayPal (SpiceLogic control) is outdated. As I said, slow enough to produce double clicks. Not the end of the world, but the IPN listener failing is not ever acceptable.

I'm working on a solution now from Paul's post. Seems like that may be the way to go. Unless someone else has another solution. Thanks again.
I would recommend the Quantum Gateway though - they are free, and they scrub the transactions at no charge to the merchant to reduce chargebacks and fraud. And the merchant account is $8.00 with a 1.99% discount rate.

But I am sorry I was not exactly sure what number you were wanting back. That's important to know, there is a lot of information that the gateway is going to give you - transaction code, declined reason, etc.  

But I always tell the merchants tell the merchants - if you are in the US, use a merchant account - the gateway will provide you with their own secure page to accept payments or you can add it in.
Mike MillerSoftware EngineerAuthor Commented:
This was a little tough for me, but got it working. Thanks!
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