Juniper Ringmaster adding access points

Hi all

Have a customer with a wireless controller(MX200R Trapeze) and multiple AP's(Trapeze MP-522 models)
They have 20 odd ap's already setup and running

We are trying to add another new ap but can't get it to work properly - I've not used these controllers before but from the manuals I've read it says to add under Configuration, Wireless, WLAN Access points, Create

Done that, added the serial number and the fingerprint of the ap and all the other settings as per the existing ap's that are up and running

It accepts the settings and adds the AP - but it never comes up(note it does receive an IP address, flat network with no vlans etc)
In the Monitor section of the controller it always displays as Down, led's on the AP are showing - solid amber, then flashing amber, then the 2 aerial leds go solid amber and it appears to keep repeating this over and over...

What did I miss? Is there something else I need to do to bring this ap on?

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This means that your AP is not able to register to WLC ( wireless lan controller).
Could you please check your DHCP first ? AP should get a ip address.
Then try to ping that ip addres. If you are able to do that , then login to controller CLI and provide outputs below commands.

show ap connection   // you should see how many ap's are registered to your controller
show ap unconfigured   // you should see how many AP's are rejected from controller
smckeown777Author Commented:
Hi askincakir - I'm trying to gain access to the controller as we don't have the enable password for it there a way to see this info through Ringmaster?

To note - the AP is getting an IP and I can ping it - I can even telnet to it but I don't know what login to use there there a default if there is no config on the unit?
smckeown777Author Commented:
Hi askincakir...ok have some more info for you...

See my attached images...when I connected into Ringmaster this evening I suddenly see the AP UP and GREEN...first time I saw that...

Switched to another AP to verify the bootloader code was matching the new AP
Switched back to the new AP - it is now DOWN and RED
Refreshed view a few times - suddenly its GREEN and UP again...

Course this is all strange so I then decided to run a ping test to the AP - I then see it 'timed out' for a few seconds - this is continous - stays up and responding for a while, then drops again...

Also attached a report showing uptime for the afternoon - does this also confirm the AP is up/down for periods?

Does this look like a failing AP? I assume all my steps to add an AP to the system are correct? I.e. serial number and fingerprint and that's all that is needed?

Thanks for your input

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Lest do basing things first:
please provide me a logs. From CLI
show log buffered / it has to have 3 kind of logs. All of them.

Later If still couldnt determine problem then we will do some trace logs ( debug files).

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Oh, i just sow your first message.
I need to check about possibility to see logs from Ring Master.
I am not sure.
smckeown777Author Commented:
Ok we don't have the access to the controller that we need to check the info from that end...
Now I'm waiting on the existing owner to come onsite to troubleshoot this one, might have to close this question due to the lack of access to the equipment on this end...hope that is ok askincakir...thanks for the assistance anyways

Will leave this open for another day or so in case you have any other ideas...
Ok, thank you for information.
Good luck.
smckeown777Author Commented:
Going to close this for now Askincakir...can't get access that I need and I keep getting requests to comment on the question so I'll re-ask this at a later stage if I get the access I need...hope this is ok
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