Outlook: Change Body Copy Colour (incoming messages)


In Outlook 2010, is it possible to force the body copy of any incoming email to be a certain color? For instance, some hipsters like to send emails using light gray text. But this is very difficult to read. I want outlook to change this to black.

All my Googling only reveals how to change the look/color of the message subject.

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David LeeCommented:
Hi, dabug80.

Yes, this is possible via a bit of scripting.  That script could be used in conjunction with a rule to force the body of all messages to user a certain font color.  However, for the script to work the message must either be open (i.e. visible on screen) or the script must open it long enough to make that change.  If used in conjunction with a rule, then you'd have messages opening and closing on screen each time new messages arrived.  That could be disruptive.  An alternative would be to run the script against just those messages that use an odd, difficult to read font color.  In this case you'd open a message, see that the font color made reading difficult, then click a toolbar button to run the script and force the message body to black text.

If you're interested in this solution, then let me know and I'll post the code and instructions for adding it to Outlook.
dabug80Author Commented:
Thanks BlueDevilFan,

I had hoped there was an 'out of the box' fix for this. but since there's not, I'll leave it. I'll just paste particularly irritating emails into notepad, or highlight the text.

Cheers for offering the solution
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