HP Deskjet 6940 Color Printouts Light

What can I check / fix when color print outs are light .. like toner is low - - however toner was changed 3 weeks ago.  

Also is there software to check toner levels?  It is a USB Printer...

Thanks ...
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Check the settings of your printer driver. Maybe you are printing using draft mode? Usually there are all sorts of settings you can change there which affect the printouts.

If you install HP's complete driver package for your printer, it usually also installs a tool that sits in your taskbar and that warns you when supplies get low. Besides that, the driver itself usually also includes an option which shows you how much ink is left in each cartridge. But for this to work you normally need to use cartridges that were specifically designed for your printer. Some 3rd party cartridges don't always offer that function.
Check the driver settings. The drive may be set to economy or draft mode, which usually print fainter. Also, if the driver is set to plain paper but you are using coated or gloss paper, prints may be faint.

As for ink level, if the printer says they're fine, then they are. HP's full driver package normally checks ink levels, so you do not need any extra software.
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
it was generic ink ,, installed HP ... works better

any reason why generic has issues???
Normally generic ink works just as well as that from the manufacturer. But there can be some low quality products around. Besides that, ink cartridges usually have an expiry date. If that is exceeded, the quality of the ink can deteriorate. So if your generic ink cartridges were beyond that date, that may have caused the issue, and not the fact that it was generic.

I have only used generic inks with my inkjet printers, or refilled the cartridges myself, and haven't had any worse printouts than with original cartridges. So my experience with non original ink is 100% good (particularly when you look at the price).
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