how to know if Dell machine has 'restore' to original state feature.

the del machine does not have a DVD/restore CD. How/where can we see if there is a restore partition that can be used to restore to original state. thx.
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Have a look at this thread

From that thread

In the Start menu search box enter


In the results that are offered, right-click on Computer management and select Run as admin.

In the Computer management window, select Disk management.

You can now see a list of all your drives & their partitions.  The one you are interested in may actually be called Recovery but it may not.  You should look at any partition that is 8-16GB in size.

Now close the Computer management window without touching anything else as this window contains powerful commands that can really mess up your PC if they are misapplied.
25112Author Commented:
its there.. thnks.
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