MS word heading and linking question

I need create a PDF document with the like function possible as describe in the diagram.  There are 2 parts (left and right) in the attached file.  I work from word and convert my word file to PDF file.
 example of my question
In MS word, I use heading style with "References/Insert Table of Figures" to make the right part works in both MS word and PDF file.

But I don't know how can I create the left part and make them can link to the actual object in side the document. In this example, click the link need jump to table 2.1 in side the document. Thank you for your help.
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You can achieve something like this by inserting a Table of Contents in each of a cell of two column, single-row table, and adjusing the formatting to suit. Somewhat on the same lines would be to have a text box anchored in the headerand to put left-hand copy of the TOC in that,

However it would be a bit pointless. The design aims of Word and PDFs are very different.

Word is designed for editing documents, so that free-flowing text can be processed in a predictable way and can be printed on any supported printer using any paper size and layout.  Any hyperlinks in the document are then irrelevant. There is therefore little motivation in adding further interactiveity to the design of  Word documents and the Word application

PDF's are designed for reading on a screen where interactivity is at a premium.
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