Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer (MRCA) test fails to Autodiscover

I'm trying to migrate mailboxes from Exchange 2007 to Office365.  Going thru the online guide to do a "cutover" migration was going ok until the point where you have to test "Autodiscover".   If I run the MRCA, it fails when selecting "Autodiscover".  If I select to "Manually Select server settings" the test will pass with a warning about the certificate.  

Outlook Web Access works ok with all users and no certificate errors in the browser.   After doing some research online for this problem, I added a CNAME for autodiscover to our DNS record and also tried opening port 80 on our firewall temporarily also, but this didn't solve issue.  I inherited this Exchange server and am not an expert on it by no means.   Attached are results from the MRCA test.
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For autodiscover to work properly, you need not just the DNS records for it but also the ports open and redirected to the right server.  Also, you should make sure your IIS root is not redirecting to

If you are redirecting from to is fine but you'll have to have this only for this directory only;  this will allow the direct pass to  Therefore, make sure there is no redirection for the autodiscover directory either.

Now, despite the recommendations on the web about autodiscover, you can function without it!!!!.  The biggest issue will be you will have always to manually configure your email clients.  Good: users can't install their accounts on any single device they go to... Bad: they will always require you to do it for them or worst you'll have to give the info out and they will be able to installed wherever they want.
Shreedhar EtteCommented:

If you were able to complete the Outlook Connectivity test with "Manually specify server settings" then you should be able to initiate mailbox migration from office 365 portal. However you need to create migration endpoint with Manual specifications.
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