Is “Readable Secondary” is default setting (No), is that still an instance? (SQL12)

a) if the setting “Readable Secondary”  is set to No, is the secondary still considered an instance?
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25112Author Commented:
In that case,
1)can you or should you create a separate list of logins with the same SID's as the primary instance?
2)Can you create Maintenance plan on secondary (or should you as a standard)?. just as in the primary?
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
a) Yes. Usually used for DR instance.
1) Yes. Needed when used for DR solution.
2) You can create in Secondary but apart from being a little bit more complex, when failover to Secondary Replica means that will be the Primary so you need to remember to failback when Primary Node is up again.
25112Author Commented:
>>1) Yes. Needed when used for DR solution.
OK.. what are the considerations to remember or keep as reference when doing this? (like keeping SID alike in both instance etc).. what else?

>>2) You can create in Secondary but
so, you would suggest Maintenance plan on secondary is not a prime need or focal point, as long as you shift the nodes back to place, right?
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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
1) For that you need to following the actual Microsoft procedure that is in this MSDN article.
2) What I meant is that what is a Secondary today can be Primary tomorrow so I wouldn't lose much time with this and will configure the jobs on all servers in the AlwaysOn availability group so they won't be impacted by any failover.
Ola Hallegren's have very good scripts that works well with AG and you don't need to worry about them after. Just download the scripts and run on the AG.
25112Author Commented:

1)I was reading more, and do you see any reason to consider
the link you gave.
(in relation to handling the syncing login issue)

2)can you suggest exact link in Ola Hallegren for maintenance plan scripts to keep in both servers (primary & secondary)
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
1) Contained databases are different thing. I don't even know why are you considering them.
2) It's there exactly in the link I've sent you. The script is MaintenanceSolution.sql and you just need to run it in all instances that you have and it will do everything for you.
25112Author Commented:
I see what you are saying.. contained databases are not directly related, but are they indirectly? do you see any cons in using them for keeping logins in sync?
thanks for pointing to the .sql. I am going to try it on a test box. personally what difference or benefits do you see in using sql scripts vs the native maintenance plan that comes with SSMS?
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
1) I don't master contained databases because I never used them but by the articles I read I can't see any cons.
2) Maintenance Plan from SSMS are better than nothing and they are there for non-DBA users can use them easily but if true DBA's hate them (I do) since they aren't flexible at all and don't let you make changes on them and that's why DBA's have their own scripts so they can control all maintenance tasks. A big number of DBA's use the one from Ola's and some of them changed that script for work as they want giving them much more flexibility.

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