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To separate text from value in excel


I am pulling data from online and pasting it into excel. It is a text with a $$ amount. Is there a formula that will separate description from $$?

Example A1= CULTURE BLOOD (Base Charge)130.00

I need B1 = $130.00

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Do they all have a ")" immediately before the amount?

If so, you can use a formula such as this:

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it did not work...another example:

Comprehensive Profile350.00 ... I need $350 only or

BLOOD Type ABO20.00.... I need $20.00 only
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Sorry, my Excel is acting buggy for some reason and I can't properly test what I want to at the moment.
Truly the Best! Thank you!
You can try to use this formula:


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It finds the first number value in the string.
This will insert the '$' in the result:


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