How do I log into the Web based Management Console of JBOSS AS7 on a remote server (Amazon AWS on CENTOS)

I've bought an AWS instance of AS7 running on CentOS and have managed to get it all setup and navigate to the welcome page (which I can see).
When I click on the management console link (located at the default :9990/console) it just times out. I'd read that this might be because I hadn't created a user, so I Puttyd into the CentOS, opened the and added a user in the ManagementRealm.
Still no luck.
Am I making a beginners error?
Any advice greatly appreciated... I've exhausted Google!
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LhXsAuthor Commented:
LhXsAuthor Commented:
Shame there was nobody on here to help me. The JBOSS forum was pretty good though!
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