How can I restore a samsung back to htc M9?


I have a backup of my old Samsung phone, done via kies.  I have a new HTC M9 and I'm wondering how to restore this backup to the HTC phone.  I have a new laptop too running ubuntu so I no longer have kies (don't think there is kies for ubuntu?).
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It's not compatible. KIES is ONLY compatible with Samsung specific lines of products, and even then, I'm not sure it's meant to be restored on a different type of Samsung phone (it works on the same Samsung type of phone of course).
An HTC will never accept the backup. If the old Samsung phone is still in working order, copy the pictures and video to another location (either SD card, or computer) and from there copy it to your HTC. Somethings will be harder to copy than others. For instance, Whatsapp has it's own folder, which will be read back by Whatsapp on the HTC if you install Whatsapp AFTER you restored the folder. Old sms/text messages is more difficult. On an app per app basis, some might be more difficult than others. Most cloud based solutions will be easier (as all info is stored online).
Without a computer (SD card only), you'll still be able to restore most things. With a computer (even Ubuntu), just copying the files is also an option, and I'd gather 90% can be restored by just copying files and folders. No KIES needed (local contacts/sms/text messages/old call logs/ are probably the only hurdles).
micktAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks.

I'll try dig up the old phone and restore to it and then use the HTC app to copy over to new phone.
Jackie ManCommented:
Apart from photos and video, if your old Samsung phone is using Android 4.0 or above, there is a PAID app called Helium - App Sync and Backup to transfer everything else.
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