Use the first position of a value in a field to replace the field

Use the first position of a field and replace the field with this value.

This is a comma separated file.  In the third field replace the word dog with d



would i use cut to to this?
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Use "awk":

awk -F, 'BEGIN {OFS=","} {$3=substr($3,1,1);print}' inputfile.csv > newfile.csv

or "sed", if you prefer:

sed -i.bak 's/\(^[^,]*,[^,]*,\)\([^,]\)[^,]*\(.*$\)/\1\2\3/' inputfile.csv

The above "sed" command will create an unchanged backup file "inputfile.csv.bak" and then change "inputfile.csv" in place.

"awk" (first solution above) cannot change files "in place", so we must create a new outputfile.

"cut" cannot do what you desire.
bjeAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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