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How to create 2 conditions from 2 datasets in row visibility SSRS

Hi Experts,

 In ssrs, I want to create an expression for the row visibility. But, the expression will contain 2 conditions from different 2 datasets (DealStarts & RowofTrendingVisibility). I have found a solution online, but got an error message is
 "The Visibility.Hidden expression for the tablix ‘Tablix9’ contains an error: [BC30451] Name 'launchdate' is not declared. "
I think that there is a minor issue in the syntax. Can some one help me to correct it?  Thank you.

=iif ((Last(MonthName("DealStarts"))=monthname(month(today())) or launchdate ("RowofTrendingVisibility")<Parameters!StartDate.Value), true, false)
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It works!!! Thanks for your help!