How do you merge two separate (email) Microsoft OneDrive Accoutns?

Hi,  I have both a Business account (purchased with my Office 365 and has 1 TB of storage) and a personal account (that came standard with either my Windows 8 or my Office Desktop installation).  They each have a unique email address associated and I access both accounts very differently.  Because I had OneDrive and was asked to start forking money over to upgrade my Dropbox to accommodate all of my used space, I migrated all of my files to my personal account.  As it turns out, my personal account does not have the accommodating space either but now I'm stuck.  I purchase a month of extra space on my personal account just to give me some wiggle room, but really want all of my items on my business account, which has plenty of space.

Is there a more optimal way to merge or transfer between these two accounts, other than what I've been doing the last few days and downloading from one as zip file (up to a max, so lots of work) and uploading and unzipping to the right account?

Thank you!
Torri FisherAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
onedrive and onedrive for business are as you found out two highly different products.. Onedrive for business is a sharepoint collection.. you could do it entirely inn the cloud using either amazon s3 or azure trial subscriptions.  Create a machine in the cloud and have it download and upload to the different accounts. .
Torri FisherAuthor Commented:
Ooooo, I like that idea...  It was very space and performance intensive to download and upload in small batches to my PC; anything larger that a couple 100 MBs were failing on me.  Thank you, I will try it!
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