Server ERROR -- The previous system shutdown at <time> on <date> was unexpected ?

A "previous system shutdown was unexpected"
EVENT happened around 4:30pm on 4/24/15
and again today at 7:37am, causing my Windows 2003
server to automatically reboot both times without notice.
claims that Windows logon (Winlogon.exe) process
does not ignore the Windows logon screen saver
time-out, therefore causing an abnormal shutdown

The server has the same screen saver settings for 5+
years, therefore maybe there is something else wrong.

 1. Did you ever have this type of issue on a Windows 2003 server ?
 2. If so, how did you fix ?
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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
This looks more like a hardware failure to me, possibly the power supply or cabling.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
there are two screen saver options (user and system (logon)
to change the logon screen saver

Did you install the hotfix?
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
what type of server? if it's a Dell download Dell Open Manage

anything in the logs under system?

is the time off by chance? If so it's likely the CMOS batter on the motherboard is low and needs replacing, I've seen this cause server restarts. the easiest way is to see if the time is off.
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
on another note, time to upgrade 2003 is unstable, EOL already passed, less secure than new products.

how are your backups?

I'd budget money for a new server rather than spend time repairing / recovering a 2003 server
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