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I have a  AS400 that is giving me the message : "Member not added to mis in kmdata". This error is generated when the AS400 tries to send and email from the kmail system. The "mis" here is the email alias name. Does anyone have any idea why this message is generated and how we can fix this issue. Any and all help will be appreciated.
James HanksIT TechnicianAsked:
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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Some program you have is trying to add a member to a file called MIS in library KMDATA.   That is not an operating system file - that is something that belongs to your development team or some vendor product.

You'll need to read the detailed error message description, look at the rest of the job log, look at the message details for those messages, and maybe look at the program that is trying to add a member and figure out what it is trying to do.

Where do you see this message?  Can you print or display the entire job log for this job and post it here?
James HanksIT TechnicianAuthor Commented:
We get that message when the kmail (AS400) email system tries to retrieve email. I am not a AS400 person at all and I am having to depend on someone here to do the commands we need in order to fix this. The email that the AS400 is using is I just installed a new Exchange server (2013). This issue came up when they realized that the AS400  was not sending and receiving email. Wasn't told that the AS400 was using any form of email. I made some changes to the Exchange server to allow SMTP traffic to go out. Basically enabled POP3 and set the ip address of the AS400 to be allowed. But when it receives email that is when this error is generated. Is there a command I can issue or what do I need to ask the AS400 operator for??
Shalom CarmelCTOCommented:
Hey cdpinc,

I've never heard of kmail, and I bet that neither did the majority of experts on EE.
However, your kmail throws an error that looks like a generic error we're familiar with, an inability to add a member to a file in a library. There may be a generic solution, depending on the actual circumstances.

So what you need to do is get the offending job's joblog and send it over. That's what you ask the operator for.
Then we can see whether the error is caused by bad authority, maxed number of members, lack of disk space, or any other shit. And maybe then we can offer a solution.

Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
If you look at my last response, it tells you exactly what information you need to request from your operator:  job log and detailed message descriptions.  I suggest you just show your operator this thread - an operator should know what basic information to collect.

AS/400 error messages are not just "one-liners" like what you posted.  That is just the message summary that you gave us.  The operator should know how to display the error message details, which can be a page or two of detailed information.  The job where this error appeared will also generally produce a job log containing additional messages that may be very useful in diagnosing the real root cause.

Realistically, you need to contact the system administrator or developer that supports this application, and get their assistance, since this is probably going to require someone that knows what they are doing to do additional troubleshooting and problem resolution steps on the AS/400.

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James HanksIT TechnicianAuthor Commented:
This issue has been fixed. Had another person that knows AS400 lingo come in ands help with the problem. He said that the problem was the KMail (Keys Mail for the AS400) authentication was set incorrectly. He ran a couple commands from the command prompt and all is well again. Thanks for your input.
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