SharePoint 2013 best practices

Dear Expert,

What will be the best practices for implementing the SharePoint 2013 production environment and test environment?

We would like to have both the environments. Production for live users and test for UTA  

Please advise

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martushaProduct managerCommented:
Test environment must be on different server. For test env you could have just one SharePoint server for App and Web both.
Because if you will decide to install some custom farm solutions to test, you could affect production environment too.
martushaProduct managerCommented:
Best practice is to think about all things before you start :)

How big will be your farm? How much users will use it, what services you need? What version of SharePoint do you use (Std, Ent or Foundation, check limitations of each to have the opinion)

Check Microsoft recommendations and guides here: 
Also usefull Steve's preparation checklist:

Also think about backups and disaster recovery.
Have a lot of hard disk space and RAM

And etc...
Moreno JackCommented:
Above suggested references looks good.
Although, you may also check below given informative posts.

SharePoint 2013 Best Practices:

Best practice configurations for the SharePoint 2013:

SharePoint Development Practices and Techniques:

Hope it helps you!
tabreedAuthor Commented:
thank you so much for the references, we have implemented SharePoint 2013 as mentioned below

two WFE server -(NLB)
two APP server  (NLB
two DB Server  (Clut)

most important i would like to ask you we have implemented test and production both environments in same servers. is it right what we have done or it will affect anything please advice
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