On Asp.net project in visual studio images will not appear on login page when run from Web

Strange.  I have a website that when live the header image does not appear on the login page.  All other pages it will appear.  I tried to change the url to have a ~/ but no luck.  I think it is a permissions issue but not sure where.

Thank you
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Craig WagnerSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Don't guess at what the problem might be, research it.

Using either the dev tools built into the browser or Fiddler watch the network requests. When you see the request for the image note the response code. Is it 404? 401? 403? That will tell you what the problem is.
Bob LearnedCommented:
1) Does this problem happen with different browsers?

2) What does the HTML look like?

3) What version of IIS is the site running on?

4) What is the identity for the application pool?
bidgadgetAuthor Commented:
Thank you. IIS 6 on server 2003. Upgrading soon. Asp 4.0

Only happens on login page which is using same master page from visual studio 2013 as the rest
Bob LearnedCommented:
Do you have any experience with Fiddler, and how it can help you?
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